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Profits from the shop go towards our work with disadvantaged and less fortunate members of the community to help make their lives brighter.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who are you?

Recently, we have had a number of queries regarding our organisation and whether it is affiliated with any other groups.  Sandlewood is a NOT FOR PROFIT (NFP) organisation with no political or religious connections and we are not linked to any other organisations. 

Sandlewood Projects is run by a board of directors and receives no Government of corporate funding. We operate with a Certificate of Sanction under the Collections Act 1966 through the Queensland Department of Justice & Attorney General.

This sanction controls how charities and community purpose organisations conduct appeals for public support or fundraising in Queensland. Any organisation that wants to publicly fundraise for a charitable or community purpose is governed by this Act.
Activities regulated by the Department under the Collections Act 1966 include:
  • fundraising appeals
  • door-to-door appeals and street collections, and
  • commercial appeals on behalf of charities by entrepreneurs
Any person can check the credentials of someone collecting goods or running an appeal to ensure they are legitimate by searching the Office of Fair Trading's website here

In our case, you simply enter the Sanction number CP5278 which will show that our Organisation is a REGISTERED ORGANISATION holding a Certificate of Sanction under the Act.

The shop is run entirely by volunteers.  Because of this we have low overheads (rent, power, phone, internet, insurance) and this means we can give back more to the community.

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