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Profits from the shop go towards our work with disadvantaged and less fortunate members of the community to help make their lives brighter.
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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sandlewood Op Shop opened it's doors in August 2009.

There was a lengthy process involved in opening up the shop. It took over four months for Sandlewood to receive the Sanction from the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney General (under the Collections Act 1966) before we could open and trade as an Op Shop.

During these four months we viewed several premises, and finally, once the Sanction was obtained, we began fitting out the shop.

While we were setting up the shop, we would frequently get knocks on the door by locals welcoming us to the community and wishing us well. The Newsagents, Gerda, Trevor and Steve, were constantly being bombarded by their regulars, asking when we were going to open!

Initially, the shop was stocked solely by donations from friends and family. We raided our wardrobes, linen cupboards, bookshelves and kitchens in search of anything that we didn't need.

The shop looked complete, but a little sparse by comparison to how the shop looks today, when we first opened.

My how things have changed in such a short time !!

Our loyal customers and the greater community are constantly donating goods to us. {Keep 'em coming!}

Since the photo was taken above (in our first week) we now have 3 extra freestanding clothing racks in the centre of the store!

Sadly, we are running out of room, and fast !! We are lucky to have a vacant shop beside us, and we are currently looking at the possibility of leasing it for expanding the shop, and housing the parent company's CEO's office. {keep your fingers crossed for us!}

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